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Where members become family members. It is an SHEQ Organization for like-minded professionals.

When you become a member, we add you to our chat groups where family members discuss, assist and mentor members on Health, Safety & Environmental issues in all industries.

Since our incorporation we have grown from a humble 50 members in the first month to around 300 in the first years without having a website reference. We grew by word of mouth through positive experience by our members who were satisfied with the benefits they enjoyed from the organization.

During our inauguration year we applied for recognition at SACPCMP, it was a challenge but at the end of it all, we managed to pass through the hurdles.

Within that same period SACPCMP issued their interim qualification requirements where upon we acted and applied for accreditation at Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) as Skills Development Provider for Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (SAQA Unit Standard 99714) and received recognition.

With this progress all in mind we strive to represent our members at the associations meetings and provide our members the best services. As an organisation we have committed ourselves to keep upgrading the health and safety skills of our members by making sure that we share the updated information in the field of health and safety.


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Some of the advantages of being a member of NcedaSA include but not limited to the following:

  1. You become a family member and gain access to interact with other HSE professionals,

2. We assist you with the current information and guidance throughout the registration process.

3. Members participate in information sharing;

4. Our membership and Annual fee are kept at the lowest minimum possible.

5. You get added to relevant WhatsApp groups i.e Jobs search, SACPCMP Support, Registered members, Nebosh, etc.;

6. Members share available jobs before it goes out to market or share what is asked in market;

7. We have good relations with training institutions and our corporate members that we organize deals with for discounts strictly towards our members learning;

8. We assist nationally when a demand arises for HSE services through our family members;

9. We encourage collaboration with other international associates.

10. Having a “full flagship we sail” with non-registered to fully registered members;

11. That the knowledge of the family incorporate information is far stretched; and

12. As one family we should be able to stand our ground

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